Lenze in Croatia

Starting business activities was quite an early topic for Lenze. Market development started as early as 1980.

Lenze automated systems in Austria was the partner for customers in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the year 2000 an information and service office was founded based in Zegreb.

Due to the rapidly expanding business the office was transformed to a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian based Lenze group in 2007.

The branch Lenze mehatronika-pogonska tehnika d.o.o. (mechatronics-drive technology) is based in Zagreb.

All the requirements of our customers in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are processed from this location, which include simple technical queries right up to complex automated system solutions.

Our team is available 24 hours a day if needed and includes field sales technicians and office staff, application and service engineers - specialists who provide reliable and expert support.

Delivery of the whole automated system is from our large automated technology assemble plant in Austria based in Asten.

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    Lenze pogonska tehnika, d.o.o.
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