Drives for pumps

In industry, agriculture, building automation and water & wastewater

Pumps are used for a variety of purposes in many areas, such as

  • Industrial pumps to convey fluids, increase pressure, crush and grind, filter, metering pump systems, eccentric screw pumps, hydraulic pumps or temperature control applications
  • Pumps in agriculture for irrigation, liquid manure technology and the like
  • Pumps in water supply and distribution for industrial or municipal water treatment, desalination, swimming-pool technology and the like
  • Pumps in buildings for circulation, to increase pressure, extinguishing media pumps and sewage pumps

Whereas most of these applications were operated directly on the mains in the past, operation with an inverter has increased greatly and will continue to do so in the future. Increasing energy efficiency, greater use of synchronous motors, more precise controllability, though also the possibility of using the application more intelligently (IIoT) are the main drivers.

It is crucial that you have a competent partner such as Lenze by your side when it comes to overhauling an existing system or when connecting a completely new inverter to a pump.

We achieve this through a diversified portfolio of inverters paired with our application know-how in series machine production.



Decentralized flexibility

Lenze inverters offer maximum flexibility with decentralized installations in IP66. i550 motec is suitable for wall and motor mounting, the simple M12 push-pull and power connectors results in minimum handling effort. Alternatively, you can also choose the compact i550 protec frequency inverter; this is cost-effective and suitable for installation on the wall or on a mounting frame near a pump.


High functionality

  • Integrated PID controller with sleep and rinsing function
  • Integrated cascade control (up to 3 motors)
  • Asynchronous or synchronous motor control
  • Wide selection of all common fieldbus systems for easy integration
  • Integrated EMC filter C2 and 30 mA RCD operation
  • And a lot more


Energy efficiency

Lenze inverters achieve the lowest energy losses in an industry-wide comparison. This improves the increasingly important overall efficiency, simplifies cooling in the control cabinet and ensures planning reliability in view of the constantly rising demands in the Ecodesign Directive.


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