Connect via a censored network (stealth mode)

Some countries censor their inhabitants’ internet connection and, as enforcement, have banned or restricted VPN usage. Turning on stealth mode will legally bypass this.

Applicable countries

Stealth mode may be required in various countries, including, but not limited to: China, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Belarus, North Korea, and Uganda.

It’s important to note that stealth mode needs to be activated for the computer and device (x500 / ) that are in the censored network. Some easy examples:

  • If your computer is in a censored network and you want to establish a VPN connection to a device, it doesn’t matter where that device is, then you need to turn on stealth mode in the VPN client of your computer.
  • If the device (x500 / ) is in a censored network, then you need to turn on stealth mode for that device. This is explained below.
  • If both your computer and the device are in a censored network, then you need to turn on stealth mode for your computer and the device.


Performance and outgoing port

This option may decrease performance, so it should only be checked when applicable. Please make sure outgoing port 8443 (TCP) is open in the firewall, as mentioned in: How does your x500 connect to the Cloud? (ports, protocols & servers).

The following steps show you how to activate stealth mode for your device.

  • Go to the Fleet Manager app, which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu, go to Devices, and select the concerning device.
  • Expand the Network options and go to [VPN].
  • Toggle [Use stealth mode] in the Stealth mode section.

The next time your device tries to connect it will apply stealth mode. If your device currently has an active VPN connection, it will not automatically apply stealth mode because it’s already connected. Simply turn off the VPN connection and turn it back on again to force stealth mode. You can skip this step if your device currently does NOT have an active VPN connection, in which case it’s automatic.

  • Turn OFF the VPN connection and then turn it back ON again as is explained here: Switch VPN on/off.

Stealth mode configured

Stealth mode has been configured and is now active. There is no need to reboot your device.


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