Drives for washing units

For roll-over wash units, wash tunnels and self-service washing

Moisture, dirt and chemicals are challenging conditions under which the many different washing units for cars and other vehicles have to function reliably. 

These systems as well as water treatment plants or central vacuum cleaners, require electrical energy. The economical use of costly resources is particularly important here, making the use of inverter-controlled drives more than sensible.

i500 frequency inverters optimize the speed during washing and thus ensure lower energy consumption and greater efficiency. Water consumption is also reduced and the throughput times in the washing units can be optimized. To guarantee the reliability of the systems, Lenze inverters have some additional options such as remote service and preventive maintenance.

The scaled inverter portfolio perfectly fulfils the challenging requirements in washing technology.


Limited installation space

The smallest in their class open up new possibilities and thus help save costs: Taking up little space in the control cabinet with a width of only 60 mm| 2.36 in wide (up to 4 kW | 5.0 hp) and 130 mm |5.13 in deep (up to 11 kW | 15 hp), several inverters can easily be integrated into even the slim control cabinet of a portal washing unit. Even the decentrally installed variant with a high IP66 /NEMA 4X degree of protection weighs just 1.8 kg | 4.0 Lb making it a light and compact solution measuring 190 x 140 x 117 mm | 7.48 x 5.51 x 4.61 in (H x W x D).


Saves costs

A number of small details in the inverters make them easier to handle and greatly reduce the installation, commissioning and service times, and thus costs too. Efforts are reduced by: the voltage-free parameterization, the very simple menu navigation and practical factory settings as well as pluggable connections and easy-to-use memory modules.



Find the best solution for every environment:

  • IP20 or IP66 (NEMA 4X Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Wall or motor mounting
  • For various installation locations 1ph/110V to 3ph/600V
  • Power variance from 0.25 to 132 kW (0.33 to 180 hp)

You choose between price or function optimization.


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