Extremely demanding production requirements:

networking, high throughput rate and safe and reliable processes.

Solution examples for the car production

Production in the automotive industry is influenced by two crucial factors: just-in-time and just-in-sequence. Both of these have to be guaranteed at all times as, whenever a part of the factory is shut down, enormous costs are incurred as a result. Our Intelligent automation concepts combined with flexible and efficient drive solutions enable compliance with these essential two requirements.

Irrespective of the process within the production plant, our experts know your processes and can help you to work faster and more reliably, whilst ensuring efficiency and reducing energy consumption:

  • Press shop
  • Body shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Assembly

Conveyors and turntables: efficiency in motion

Simple and efficient decentralised drive solution for variable and fast conveying speeds of horizontal material handling systems

High degree of reliability due to more than 30 years experience in the area of material handling technology

Reduced energy consumption during idling and partial-load operation utilising the "VFC eco" energy saving function

Soft starting and braking with adjustable ramps mean less strain and stress on material and goods being transported, while simultaneously reducing the amount and cost of maintenance work needed

Minimal installation and wiring complexity due to decentralised drive concept

Compact drive solution for constant speeds, even in heavy load conditions

Lifter and assembly facilities: for the strictest requirements

High degree of reliability where great heights have to be overcome thanks to low-wear brake management

As the load is held in position at standstill, the brake is not applied therefore less stress is applied to the system

Fast and easy replacement during maintenance thanks to pluggable technology

Reduced energy consumption due to power recovery in the case of very large heights

Storage and retrieval unit: highly automated warehouse worker

Complete solution package for advanced storage and retrieval units of the next generation

Easy commissioning due to ready-made technology functions

More available storage capacity due to reduction of buffer zones

High degree of availability due to decades-long experience with storage and retrieval units

Reduced energy consumption due to DC bus connection of travelling drive and lifting drive

Regenerative modules for optimum energy balance

Clinching & riveting: Always the best connection

The high precision of the servo axes enables the innovative and proven clinching method

The exact torque of our motor ensures that permanent connections can be made solely on the basis of local cold forming without the need for supplementary or auxiliary joining components

The integration of external sensors into our automation system enables the autonomous performance of joining tasks in the pre-series and small-series area

The intelligence in our inverters makes it possible for process measurements that have to be documented to be organised in the inverter and made available as a data file

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