On the way to the direct current factory - Energy turnaround meets Industry 4.0

Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding presents at SPS Connect how we are moving towards a sustainable factory with DC Industry

DC INDUSTRY paves the way for the DC factory, in which all energy is exchanged via a direct current based smart grid for industry, to which all consumers, storage devices and feeders of a control cabinet, a machine, a production cell or an entire production hall are connected. Industrial production will thus become much more energy-efficient and flexible - a solution to the future challenges of industrial energy supply and the resources protection.

Behind the quick-witted DC Industry consortium are 21 industrial companies, including Lenze, four research institutes and the ZVEI association. It already provides a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent system for industrial power supply in production that is open to the market, designed to be future-proof and based on current technologies.

The speech by Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding on 26 November at 2.40 p.m. on the Main Stage of SPS Connect will highlight the key aspects of DC Industry. It also offers an insight into the project's already running plants - the future is already here.

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