The intelligent NUPANO platform enables the integration, management and protection of innovative technological applications that are tailored to your machines. This keeps you one step ahead of the competition – because private apps are the only way to gain a competitive advantage.

With NUPANO, you maintain an overview of the status of your machine software at all times – whether for one machine or 500.

NUPANO is based on established IT interfaces. This means for you: Your technology applications can be easily programmed on common standards, tested as needed and then effortlessly transferred to our Open Automation Platform. Furthermore, you can use it to access 100,000+ programs on Docker Hub, for example. This saves you time and money!


  • Innovation over the entire machine service life
  • Upgrade can be done by service technicians
  • Know-how stays within the company
  • Autonomous operation, no cloud connection or credentials required
  • Easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure

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