The Drives DataHub is a software package that creates a gateway between Lenze inverters and an IIoT interface. The existing process control runs completely independently of the Drives DataHub and thus remains unaffected.

All common Lenze inverters can be connected without adapting the device firmware. Using a standardized, manufacturer-independent interface, the inverter data is made available in the required quality to a higher-level cloud system via MQTT or OPC UA.

The Drives DataHub thus implements the connection to all inverters in the Lenze portfolio and makes the data available to higher-level services such as Asset Management, Condition Monitoring or Predictive Maintenance via an IIoT interface.


  • Up to 1000 Lenze inverters can be connected
  • Available for Linux and Windows with Docker container technology
  • Integrated oscilloscope function with sampling rates up to 0.125 ms

Technical data and features

Compatible inverters

i5xx cabinet frequency inverter
i5xx protec frequency inverter
i5xx motec frequency inverter
8400 StateLine frequency inverter
8400 HighLine frequency inverter
8400 TopLine frequency inverter
8400 protec frequency inverter
8400 motec frequency inverter
i950 cabinet servo inverter
9400 HighLine servo inverter

Compatible fieldbuses

Modbus TCP

Docker Compose file V1.2 Download

Restrict oscilloscope file Download

Product support

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