1 Million

The hidden gem in the best control cabinets

1 Million

The 1 millionth i500 frequency inverter
was produced in September 2022

Celebratory mood at our plant in Hamelin. The 1 millionth unit of the frequency inverter i500 rolled off the production line. In addition to the 75th company anniversary, another reason to celebrate. ​

We owe this proud production figure to you - our satisfied customers. The frequency inverter proves itself every day in a multitude of solved applications.​

It is always reliable, saves energy and forms an optimum overall package with Lenze gearboxes and motors. It is used for feeding any kind of material, in cutting units, testing systems - to name just a few applications. In fact, its range of applications in machine automation is as diverse as its requirements, and its compact size and scalable functions make it extremely popular.​

The cabinet inverter i500 is also actively involved in agriculture, where it sorts apples and helps harvest asparagus.

Successful in use

LiSEC Austria GmbH 

In glass processing​

The i500 cabinet inverter is successfully used in the flat glass processing and finishing machines of the globally active LiSEC Austria GmbH. ​
The i500 has particularly impressed with its scalability and compact size.

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Flexibility for free space

W. Holzknecht, Automation Service Manager LiSEC

The Lenze inverter has accommodated all our change requirements, regardless of whether the bus system or the scope of functions has changed, torque control was required, system migration was necessary or - the best example - we wanted to control a synchronous motor without sensors. The universal Lenze inverter is also ideal in terms of size."

Successful in use

Kletec B.V.

When cleverly handling raw eggs​

The palletizing robot from Kletec B.V. automatically stacks cartons with eggs in various patterns up to a height of 2.5 m – both for consumption and for hatching eggs. This machine moves more than 1000 cartons per day, each of which weighs 25 kg.

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High accuracy with 120Hz

Wim Kleyer, Managing Director Kletec B.V.

“We use 8400 series inverters and the i500 inverter. The 120 Hz technology offers us enormous possibilities and very high accuracy. You get much more torque over a wide speed range. In addition, we are very flexible with the g500 series gearboxes. For the control system, we use the p300."

Successful in use


Laser cooling

TRUMPF is the technology and market leader in machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing and industrial lasers. The i500 series frequency inverters are used in laser cooling at TRUMPF in Schramberg - to keep the lasers cool when welding and cutting metals.

Stay cool

Dipl.-Ing. W. Heinzmann and B.Hezel, Development

„This makes it possible to operate cooling components such as the pump and compressor energy-efficiently at the correct operating point in each case. Thanks to its diverse control options, there is access to system-relevant parameters and data at all times.​

The i500 meets the requirements of TRUMPF and its customers in terms of quality and operational reliability of the overall laser system."

Successful in use

HI-TECH Machines

Weaving preparation

In textile sizing-machines from HI-TECH Machines in India, all axes along with winder are driven by i550 inverter with closed loop. This application is controlled by controller 3200C over EtherCAT along with operator interface p300 HMI also over Ethernet.

HI-TECH Machines completed seven of  such machines which are successfully in operation.

Compact design and easy-to-use

Vikas Yadav, Co-Founder HI-TECH Machines

“Team Lenze has not only acted as a product supplier but with its range of products, they became a consultant and a solution provider for us. The i550 inverter is being used in all the applications of the sizing process, starting from size box to winder. Its compact design reduced the size and cost of the cabinet. The user-friendliness of the system helped in trouble-shooting and thus reducing downtime and leads to further savings."

One common DNA - centralized and decentralized

The frequency inverter has proven so successful that it is also available as a decentralized variant - twice.

Parameterization and commissioning are identical for all variants.

  • protec: For demanding applications in IP66 / NEMA4X Outdoor​

  • motec: NEW - With digital functions for the Smart Factory​

Easy integration into Lenze Automation Systems is of course possible.

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