Compliance is an integral part of the Lenze Group's corporate culture. In order to comply with all applicable rules worldwide - whether legal, official or internal - we rely on a Compliance Management System (CMS). The aim of the CMS is to systematically prevent risks and avoid violations with the help of internal regulations, a consistent compliance organisation and training measures.

Code of Conduct

An important part of the internal compliance regulations is the Code of Conduct. In addition, there are compliance guidelines for the areas of antitrust law, anti-corruption, IT security and data protection, among others, which concretize the Code of Conduct. Regular training sessions for specific target groups impart compliance knowledge and create awareness of the relevant topics.


Whistleblower Center

Compliance concerns and indications of compliance incidents can be reported by employees, business partners and other stakeholders, including contact details, via the following channels:

- by phone at the number: +49 5154 82-3399

- by e-mail via

- via our reporting system

All inquiries and comments will of course be treated respectfully and confidentially.

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