Efficient drives for doors, recycling machines and conveyor technology

Winning team – when the whole is more than the sum

Make your machines even more successful with our winning team. Design flexible applications for a wide range of markets and benefit from the unique combination of gear units, motors and inverters. Choose from our scaled gearmotor portfolio and i-series centralized and decentralized inverters for efficient control. Count on these advantages:

  • Powerful and compact
  • Dynamic with wide speed setting range
  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Robust and durable

With our high-quality products you can realize your individual machine task as economically as possible, as they persuade with a healthy price-performance ratio.

For smart applications and demanding conditions

Precise and dynamic roller door drives

High-speed rolling shutters or machine safety doors close and open dynamically and with positional accuracy, for which a wide speed setting range is required. The ideal solution for this application is the Lenze MF motor, combined with an i550 cabinet inverter with positioning function. 

Space for door drives is often limited - it's a good thing that the compact MF motor is so much smaller than comparable motors and the slim i550 cabinet inverter requires so little space in the control cabinet. For solutions without a control cabinet, the i550 motec or i550 protec decentralized inverters are ideal.

Combine your application-specific drive solution for gate drives with the Lenze EASY System Designer.

Robust and reliable in recycling machines

Lenze drive systems work reliably under the most demanding conditions, in extruders or granulators for material separation or in conveyor technology.
Lenze's robust gearboxes are equipped to withstand the most hostile conditions thanks to the optional surface coating.

For applications where noise prevention is important, such as automatic deposit machines, the quiet drive behaviour of the g500 gearbox series pays off.

Standalone or modular inline recycling plants benefit particularly from the advantages of decentralized drive solutions. The i550 protec decentralized inverter complies with the high IP66 degree of protection and is thus well protected against dust and moisture.

Combine your application-specific drive solution for worm drives, separators and magnetic rollers in recycling plants with the Lenze EASY System Designer.

Continuous and reliable conveyor technology

In many industrial operations, connecting conveyor technology ensures material transport between individual work steps and machine modules. Lenze drive systems reliably feed and remove material or remove waste material (such as chips) and ensure an error-free core process.

All over the world, Lenze drive packages perform a wide variety of tasks as "auxiliary drives". The variety of applications is high and ranges from continuous to dynamic tasks. A Lenze drive combination of g + m + i reliably ensures trouble-free production.

Combine your application-specific drive solution for connecting conveyor systems or machine tools here with the Lenze EASY System Designer.

More success with the right variables: g + m + i

Our products are compatible with each other and your task determines how exactly you equip your application. In the end, the sum of the individual parts makes your drive solution even more efficient.

Gearboxes g500

Lenze gearboxes are characterized by consistently high efficiency, a compact design and fine graduation.

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Motors m500

Our three-phase motors meet all currently applicable energy efficiency requirements and are optimized for operation with Lenze gearboxes and frequency inverters.

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Geared motors g500 + m500

Lenze geared motors are available as synchronous geared motors, asynchronous geared motors or three-phase AC motors. For the gearboxes, you can choose between helical, parallel shaft or bevel gearboxes depending on your machine application.

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Inverters i500

Lenze inverters are multi-talents in controlling and regulating motors and increase the energy efficiency of the application and take over simple sensor functionalities. Our portfolio ranges from control cabinet inverters to decentralized inverters for wall or motor mounting.

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