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From asset management to the digital business model

​Do you know what contribution your installed devices are making to ensuring your value chain is maintained and unplanned downtime is kept to minimum? What devices are you using in your machines? Which​ devices are particularly important for avoiding downtime? Do you have suitable replacement devices available?​

Lenze Service Portal​

With its integrated software solutions, the Lenze Service Portal offers a solution for the fast and simple optimisation of maintenance processes and thus for reducing costs.​

A key building block here is the structuring and centralized management of “knowledge” regarding the installed base of devices.

Lenze Asset-Management

The base functionality of the Lenze Service Portal is to record, display and manage devices (assets). Devices can be recorded into the system in a variety of ways.

​ ​ Lenze provides a smartphone app (for Android and iOS) that can be used to quickly catalogue your assets. The cataloguing process can be performed by your own staff or as a service by Lenze.

​ ​ Further information is then added for the recorded assets (such as nameplate data, lifecycle information, operating instructions, etc.).

​ ​ If you prefer, our Lenze specialists can also record the assets at your site.


The asset management is connected to EPLAN ePULSE using an integrated login.

​ ​ This connection allows you to automatically transfer circuit diagrams stored in the asset management system and place the devices within the system structure.​ ​

Using this map of the system structure, it is then possible to navigate directly into the circuit diagram. This means that stored documents and the circuit diagram are always readily available. ​ ​

To use this feature, it is necessary to register for EPLAN eVIEW. Access can be requested from EPLAN.​

Document and search management

The “centralised information management” feature allow documents associated with individual assets to be uploaded and searched.

The integrated search function allows the stored documents to be searched for particular keywords. This means, for example, that any faults can be very quickly found in the operating instructions and a solution sought. The search results are highlighted and can be selected based on relevance. The result of the selected search is the document in which all occurrences of the search term are also highlighted. The search result allows the stored documentation to be found extremely quickly and used as required.

Service request

The “Service request” functionality allows service requests to be recorded, prioritised and forwarded as required. This function enables you to record service requests that are directly linked to the defective asset. This can be done either via a mobile app at the machine or from a PC via the web portal. The error message is sent directly to Lenze Service.

​An overview of all service requests can be viewed in the service portal. Additional information can also be recorded or the status of current issues viewed.

​All service requests received via the Lenze Service Portal are handled as high priority by Lenze. This allows you to quickly benefit from our experts and solution expertise..

New business with digital services

Have you already implemented systems for your CRM and service processes? Would you like to use this information and data about your industrial assets in other systems? Would you like to have reports about your assets and how they are used?​

Asset Management is the base module of the Service Portal by Lenze. It has been built using the “assets360” modular software system. System integration includes lean, agile and digital best practices. The modular “assets360” system builds on established cloud and IoT platforms and simplifies the development and integration of sector-specific digital products.

The pioneer of these solutions and the development partner is logicline GmbH. logicline is an IT and consulting company within the Lenze Group and your contact person for everything to do with digitalisation.​

logicline supports businesses in the development of digital products and services. In this way, it thus also facilitates the development of an IoT business. logicline provides advice on business models and technology, and ensures fast and effective implementation. The modular “logicline assets360” system plays a role here.

More solutions for digital transformation​​

Lenze-Webcast #4: From digital inventory to the sustainably secure operation of machines and systems​

This talk is interesting for operators of production facilities and plants as well as for machine builder.​​ ​

Because the avoidance of unplanned machine downtimes and production losses is a critical point in order to counteract ever increasing cost pressure. ​How can data on the installed equipment base contribute to overall cost reduction?

​How do digital services of a machine manufacturer optimize the added value of its customers and what should be considered?

​​Our live webcast focuses on possible solutions and options for action to sustainably improve your competitiveness by using or offering digital service solutions

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