Powerful - everything under control

Growing machine requirements and new challenges in the field of Digital Services increase the demands on control units in automation systems. Our new generation of cabinet controllers now provides the ideal response.

This new product range enables you to conveniently solve high-end control applications, such as printing machines with many printing units or picker lines with several robots. Thus, modern and modular machine controls can be implemented based on the FAST software modules.

Your advantages:

  • A high computing power enables a powerful solution of complex control tasks
  • Maintenance-free and more resistant: The battery-free design and the extended ambient operating temperature to 60 °C are the guarantors of a use in all areas of industry.
  • The engineering tools are the same as for all the other Lenze products which enables you to continue to use the tools you are familiar with.

Documentation: Project planing

  • EPLAN P8 macros EPLAN library Controller c500

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Product support

Documentation: Commissioning and operation

  • Commissioning manual Controller c520 Firmware V1.3.0.0
  • Commissioning manual Controller c550 Firmware V1.3.0.0

  • Mounting instructions Controller c520 c550

Documentation: Approvals and certificates