Frequency inverters and servo inverters

Efficient motor control with inverters from Lenze

Energy efficiency, flexibility and ease of use are common requirements which can be maximized by using the right inverters.​ Whether for decentralized applications or in a cabinet Lenze offers a wide portfolio of variable frequency drives and servo drives which provide the same user-friendly handling.​ The key to the success of your application ultimately lies in the details of the performance and drive concept.

Portfolio at a glance (PDF)

Lenze inverters: the perfect fit to your application

Whether you want to equip pumps, HVAC applications, machines, warehouses or entire production lines, with Lenze you get the inverter you need.​ ​

Our comprehensive automation portfolio covers everything from the control level to the field level and the electromechanics. Enjoy maximum flexibility for a completely new range of possibilities in your application.

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Your advantages with Lenze inverters

Energy efficiency​​
Our inverters are designed for low energy consumption. They have intelligent functions such as an energy-saving mode, automatic adjustment of the output frequency to the load and recovery of braking energy into the grid. The inverters comply with the EN IEC 61800-9-2 standard, which came into force in 2020. 

Slim design​​
Our inverters have a compact and robust housing that fits into any control cabinet. The devices are available from a width of 50 mm and cover a power range from 0.25 to 132 kW. The inverters are also easy to install and wire, saving you time and money.​

Scalability & modularity​​
With their modular design Lenze inverters fit into any drive and machine concept with easy handling. You can choose from various communication, safety and I/O modules to create the right interface for your machine or system. You can also use optional extensions such as a keypad or a WLAN module to simplify commissioning and diagnostics.​

Frequency inverter

i550 motec

High energy efficiency including energy feedback and ease of installation are the focus of i550 motec. This along with the IP66 protection class makes it a perfect solution for decentralized applications wall- or motor-mount.

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i550 protec

The i550 protec comes with the well-known technology of the cabinet device and takes it out of the cabinet. It can be mounted close to the motor in various machine models. This inverter is made for rough environments.

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i510 cabinet

Compact control cabinet inverter with individual scalable functionality. ​ The i510 comes with fast commissioning times and the possibility of condition monitoring.

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i550 cabinet

Space saving design with the option of a “Safe torque off”. The i550 cabinet comes either as a complete device or in individual parts as you need them.

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Servo inverter

i750 cabinet

Precise and dynamic motion control in multi-axes applications. The i750 cabinet brings advanced safety functions while the One Cable Technology (OCT) reduces the wiring and control complexity in the application.

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i950 cabinet

Efficient motion control in demanding servo applications. The intelligent i950 cabinet can be easily integrated into modular machine solutions with prepared technology applications – parameterization instead of programming. OCT and auto-tuning for controller adjustments add further speed to installation and commissioning.

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Lenze gearboxes are characterized by consistently high efficiency, a compact design and fine graduation.

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Our three-phase motors meet all currently applicable energy efficiency requirements and are optimized for operation with Lenze gearboxes and frequency inverters.

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Geared motors

Lenze geared motors are available as synchronous geared motors, asynchronous geared motors or three-phase AC motors. For the gearboxes, you can choose between helical, parallel shaft or bevel gearboxes depending on your machine application.

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EASY Engineering tools​ ​

We know, that the planning, building and commissioning of a machine is a complex task. This is why we offer you our EASY Engineering tools. ​

In the planning phase you need to select the right products, sizes, quotation requests and more. It can be complicated to have an overview over all the necessary data. Our tools help you through the selection process, the planning of your machine and you can even save time and improve the quality of your result. ​ ​

Once you implement your machine our tools help you with the parameterization, configuration, programming, debugging and even with the interface design of your machines.

As soon as your machine is set up, you will get into the operation process, and the maintenance phase begins. With our tools we make the operation process of machines as easy as possible.


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