Let‘s drive ​your conveyor applications

Lenze​ Drive Packages

Decentralized drive technology ​for simple and
complex conveyor technology applications ​

A modern, decentralized plant architecture helps to avoid plant downtime and the associated incurred costs. This is particularly valuable for plant reliability in supply and discharge systems, warehouses, airports, and the automotive industry. Lenze's decentralized drive packages provide reliability, cost efficiency, and time savings – especially in large, spatially extended systems. Choose between fixed-speed or variable-speed solutions, with or without communication options, and select the appropriate Drive Package for your application.​

Advantages of decentralized drive technology:​

  • Cost savings on distributed installations​

  • Functions in use on site and data collection where it accrues​

  • Autonomous machine modules with short installation and commissioning times​

Increase your flexibility in the production of machine variants with our different Drive Packages.


Lenze Drive Packages

You can choose between different technical designs for your decentralized requirements.
You determine the speed, we supply the solution.



Lenze Smart Motor – simply powerful​

  • Freely adjustable speed reduces the number of variants​

  • Integrated soft start functionality​

  • Reduced wiring due to electronic contactor and motor protection function​

  • Programmable via smartphone with Lenze app​

  • High overload capacity matched to conveyor technology

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8400 motec – cost-efficient solution​

  • Variable speed with extended communication​

  • Available as motor- or wall-mounted variant, for the wall-mounted variant additionally with repair switch​

  • Higher dynamic and speed range in conjunction with the MF motor series​

  • Large LED visible from a distance shows the status​

  • Power range 0.37 - 7.5 kW

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i-series motec – for simple to complex solutions​

  • Variable speed with Ethernet communication and IIoT interfaces​

  • Integrated scalable safety and positioning functions​

  • IIoT-enabled – collects data for other services in real time​

  • IO-link master functionality saves hardware costs​

  • Energy-efficient due to integrated regenerative function

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Drive Package – a well-coordinated team​

Together with our gears and motors, our inverters form a coordinated drive package - exactly how is up to you.

Motors m500

Our three-phase motors meet all currently applicable energy efficiency requirements and are optimized for operation with Lenze gearboxes and frequency inverters:​

Gearboxes g500

Lenze gearboxes are characterized by consistently high efficiency, a compact design and fine graduation:​

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