The integration of intelligent sensors and actuators, combined with shorter development times, is increasing the demand for high-performance I/O systems in automation.

The I/O system 3000 combines a consistently flexible system design with a compact construction, reduced wiring effort and simple error diagnostics. Whether in the control cabinet or as a decentralized solution, the I/O system 3000 fits seamlessly into the Lenze automation system.

You benefit from precise control of input and output modules, power and technology modules, communication modules, and safety I/Os. Touch probe inputs and distributed clocks, as required for synchronized movements in clocked production processes, are also supported.


  • Modular structure for flexible system design
  • Space-saving due to 11.5 mm slim modules with up to 32 connections
  • Decentralized IP67 modules with digital inputs and outputs
  • Modules for IO-Link, CANopen, stepper motor, and safety I/Os
  • Simple diagnostics and status detection

System overview

Power units (w510-C)

3-phase measurement (motor)
Potential distribution

Analog inputs/outputs (w540-C)

Analog inputs
Analog outputs

Digital inputs/outputs (w560-C)

Digital inputs
Digital inputs/outputs
Digital outputs

Decentralized IP67 modules (w560-P)

Digital inputs
Digital inputs/outputs
Digital outputs

Technology modules (w570-C)

Digital counters
Pulse width modulation
Stepping motor

Communication units (w580-C)

RS 232/485/422
SSI interface
IO-Link (master/device)

Bus coupler (w580-C)


Safety modules (w590-C)

Safe inputs/outputs, FSoE
Safe inputs, FSoE
Safety supply

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