bonArea food center in Guissona (Spain)

A successful partnership for more than 15 years

bonArea food group has a 248.000 m² site (61 acres) in Guissona (Spain) that brings together industrial and logistics activities.

Lenze has collaborated in the design and sizing of all the drives, looking for shorter execution and commissioning times, improvements in the energy efficiency and lifetime extension for mechanical components.

Innovations like the automatic multi shuttle, the automatic box stackers or the cartesian gantry for dollies feeding have led to increase productivity and improve work ergonomics.

i550 and the i950 inverters have been used in all these applications for the efficient control of the drives.

The warehouse has more than 12 km (7,5 miles) of belt, roller, and chain conveyors. More than 1.000 Smart Motors have been used with only 15 different references, which means unprecedented standardization and stock reduction. 

In this success story, engineering and strategic collaboration converge to shape a prosperous future.

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