Lenze – a family business with more than 75 years of tradition

Pioneering spirit, commitment and courage have defined the company since its inception in 1947. Nowadays, in times of digitalisation and ongoing change, these qualities are in greater demand than ever before and help us to turn changes into opportunities. Our strength lies in the combining of these qualities with the traditional values of a family business founded on honesty, respect and appreciation. We shall continue to build upon this exceptional foundation as we move into the future.

Thinking and acting with a view to the long term defines who we are as a family business. We take responsibility for our company, for the success of our business partners, as well as for the products and solutions we develop on behalf of our customers. But we also take care of our employees, their families, the environment and society as a whole. We know where we started from and by now we are represented in more than 45 countries on all continents worldwide. Remaining true to our roots, we are still open to new approaches. These factors are our roadmap and foundation in the development of innovative products and solutions.

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