Exactly what you need for the car manufacturing

From the press shop to assembly - we work closely with you to find the best solution for any machine task

You can rely on:

  • Scalable hardware in a comprehensive and open automation platform
  • Modular software for efficient software engineering
  • Open networking thanks to the use of market standards
  • Solutions that meet the requirements of digitalisation
  • A thorough understanding of your machine from experienced experts in your sector

Software engineering made easy

With Lenze FAST, our application template, you can combine intelligent standardised software modules for very different machine functions in a single template and thus create your machine software the easy way. This reduces your motion software engineering work by up to 80 %, which, in turn leads to a considerable reduction in the time you need to develop the basic functions of your machine.

Open standards mean no black boxes

Lenze automation systems are open systems. Due to the use of market standards, we can network with the manufacturers of other control and drive systems at any time. This enables easy integration into higher-level line structures. This openness makes mechanical engineers and users confident of being able to adapt to changes in the future. Keep your core expertise in-house and hold onto your competitive advantage.

Make the right changes

Shorter and shorter innovation cycles, aggressive competitors and high pricing pressure are challenges that mechanical engineering companies are having to face up to. Good reasons for us to make your everyday work easy.

Reduced amount of engineering work
  • Consistent engineering tool chain over the entire life cycle
  • Intelligent motion control with standardised technology functions
Reduced investment in drives and automation
  • The right system and the right products for every machine

Industry 4.0. – Cooperative competence becomes the new core competence

Mechanical engineering has always been characterised by a high degree of orientation to the customer, converting the needs of its customers into real technical solutions. With Industry 4.0, possibilities and new facets offering new opportunities arise from outside the known-world of mechanical engineering.

Anyone who cooperates with partners faster and more effectively and integrates these partners into their ongoing processes will always win in competition with others. Cooperative competence generates a level of expertise that has answers to end users' trends and the requirements that will be placed on the next generation of machines.

It creates technical solutions and innovations that bring decisive benefits:

  • What benefits are most important for you
  • What technical measures have already been taken?
  • Where do your greatest challenges lie?

We look forward to talking to you about possible joint projects and opportunities for the future.

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