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In metalworking, sustainability, CO2 neutrality, safety and intelligent systems are more than just buzzwords – they are the path to maximum efficiency and quality. At Lenze, we understand the demanding requirements placed on manufacturers of metalworking machinery and offer customized, holistic automation solutions to meet the challenges of this dynamic industry.

Our solutions for the challenges in the metal industry at a glance:

Quality requirements on materials

The machining of demanding materials in sheet metal and solid parts such as silicon steel grades, high-strength multiphase steels or stainless steels requires maximum precision at the highest quality level. In order to guarantee correspondingly high steel qualities, optimize your machines with innovative automation solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and quality.

Speed in wire and cable production

In the field of cable and wire production, high speed is crucial in order to be able to optimally process the demanding material with a partial tendency to work hardening in every process step. Lenze offers process-reliable solutions for demanding wire and cable applications through the combination of our c430 controller, the i950 servo axis and our i550 frequency inverter.

Digitalization and automation

The digitalization and automation of machines are key elements for optimized production along the entire production chain. Lenze relies on intelligent solutions that enable easy handling, robot integration for unsafe work areas and the use of smart data to optimize process quality.

High system availability

In addition to current trends, high system availability is a standard for us. Lenze automation solutions ensure reliable production so that your systems are always ready for use.

User-friendly parameterization

Our web visualization/controller combination (v430/v450 + c520/c550) enables simple set-up via user-friendly interfaces and parameterization of the machine processes, tailored to materials and shapes.

Intelligent servo inverter

The intelligent i950 offers process monitoring and can be equipped with analysis algorithms for tool wear detection to increase the efficiency of your systems.

Space-saving servo solution

Lenze relies on solutions such as the servo-electrics of the i750 and i950, which replace hydraulic and mechanical kinematics and thus save space and resources.

Extensive automation portfolio:

With Lenze as your partner, you not only get automation solutions, but also the expertise and experience to successfully master the challenges of the metal industry. We stand for innovation, precision and sustainability for the future of metal industry automation.

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