Lenze SMART Engineering apps

Lenze offers apps for different tasks: From the parameterisation of the Lenze Smart Motor and Inverter i500 to the drive-technology formulary.

Lenze SMART Product Info App

This app enables the display of product information on a scanned Lenze product.
(Barcode or 2D code)

Available functions:
  • Scanning the Lenze product
  • Lighting can be switched on
  • Call up the standard internet browser to display product information from www.lenze.com
  • Archiving of the scanned serial numbers
  • Optional sending of the scanned serial numbers via email

    Lenze SMART Keypad app

    This app allows you to diagnose and parameterise an Inverter i500. A WLAN module on the inverter is required for communication.

    Supported views and functions
    • Device list (connected and simulatable devices)
      • Optical device identifcation
    • Diagnostic list (overview and logbook)
      • Error reset
    • Parameter list (structured and sorted)
      • Search for parameter
      • Setting of parameter value
      • Saving of parameter set
      • Inverter enable
      • Inverter inhibit

    Lenze SMART Motor app

    This app allows the parameterization of the Lenze Smart Motor with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.

    The Lenze Smart Motor reduces the number of different drive versions by up to 70%. Contactor and starter do not feature, fixed speeds can be set at will and there are numerous integrated functions for materials handling applications.

    Free available app functions
    • Read parameter set from Lenze Smart Motor
    • View and edit parameter set
    • View information and diagnostic data
    • Write parameter set in a Lenze Smart Motor
    • Reset parameter set to factory settings
    • Load and save parameterset in files
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