Exactly what you need for your machine.

From corrugated cardboard production to printing and finishing packaging materials and labels

With our intelligent automation solutions, we work with you closely to quickly find the best solution for the machine you want to create. You can rely on our easy software engineering aids, the use of open standards, the right sizing for your drives and energy-efficient solutions.

Software engineering made easy

With Lenze FAST, our application software toolbox, you can combine intelligent standardised software modules for very different machine modules in a single template and thus create your machine software the easy way.

This reduces your motion software engineering work by up to 80%, which, in turn. leads to a considerable reduction of the time you need to develop the basic functions of your machine.

Open standards mean no black boxes

Lenze automation systems are open systems! Due to the use of market standards, we can network with the manufacturers of other control and drive systems at any time, an ability that enables easy integration into higher-level line structures. This openness makes mechanical engineers and end users confident of being able to adapt to changes in the future. Keep your core expertise in-house and hold onto your competitive advantage.

Make the right changes

Increasingly faster web speeds and smaller batches as well as individual finishing requirements are challenges that mechanical engineers are having to face more and more frequently. Good reasons for us to make your everyday work easy.

Reduced amount of engineering time by efficient software solutions:
  • Uniform Engineering Toolchain covering the entire life cycle
  • Intelligent motion control with standardised technology functions
Reduced investment in drives and automation
  • The right system and the right products for every machine.
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