Lenze in the Czech Republic

Our History

Lenze is engaged in business in the Czech Republic since 1990. At that time its first manager established a small subsidiary in Červený Kostelec.

In between it grew up into a separately acting Ltd with 2 workplaces in the Czech Republic. We are available for our customers both at the headquarters of the firm Lenze Ltd in Humpolec and in the field office in Červený Kostelec, the original seat of the firm.

From here all the requirements of our customers are handeled. From simple technical tasks to complex drive and automation solutions.

Our team composed of sales technicians, application engineers, software specialists and service engineers takes care about you reliable, capable and if you need 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Supplies of the complete drive, automation and connection technology take place from the largest assembly plant of the drive technology in Austria - with its seat in Asten.

Our contacts at a glance


Lenze Performance Partner System Integration

ADTEC s.r.o.

ADTEC s.r.o. is proven and reliable partner in the branch of industrial automation, power electronics and electrical drives. Our experienced specialists and technicians and close cooperation with top world-known manufacturers guarantee our customers the highest quality of provided deliveries and services.

The wide scope of our activities enable us to meet almost all customer requirements with high technical level, maximum productivity, reliability and long lifetime for our deliveries but with respect to investment cost minimization

We offer and supply:

  • complete program of electrical drives and power electronics (AC - DC drives, servodrives, soft-starters, uninterruptible power supplies..etc)
  • components for industrial automation (programmable logic controllers, operator panels, industrial PC, sensors, software PLC analyzers ..etc.)
  • low-voltage switchboards/cabinets for industrial machines and process control according to customers' specifications
  • electrical design and software development for new production machines and lines or retrofits of older ones (complete designing according to EN and IEC standards,
  • software development for PLC, PC, SCADA/HMI systems)
  • redesign or upgrade of the production and technology equipment according to state-of-art safety standards and directives
  • commissioning of new and older production equipment and machines
  • lifetime services and troubleshooting for all our realized deliveries (extended customer and 24h/365days hot-line support)

ADTEC s.r.o.
Vídeňská 137/117a
619 00 Brno, Czech Republic
+420 544 500 941-3
Fax +420 544 500 946
GPS: 49°9´16"N, 16°36´18"E


Ing. Vít Sedláče


Poneco Poděbrady s.r.o. was established in 1995 as a company dealing with an industrial automation. Since then it has been gradually developing and expanding its range of activities for its customers.

We offer project creating, control designs, control system supplies, application software, drives supply and configuration, design and manufacture of single-purpose machines.

Our activities are realized in the area of food industry, engineering, glass industry, handling equipment, pressing machines - from light to heavy industry.

The scope of projects varies from small automation with several input / output signals up to control of large production lines, single-purpose designs and also serial machines.

Our services:

  • Project management
  • Application SW
  • Supplies HW
  • Manufacturing of electrical equipment
  • Revision of electrical equipment
  • Manufacturing of switchboards

Poneco Poděbrady s.r.o.
Průmyslová automatizace
Ostende 87

Ing. Jaroslav Hofman
+420 325 610 213
+420 603 858 407

SELATO s.r.o.

We offer complete service and consultancy of industrial automation. We specialize in the automation of production lines as well as on dedicated single purpose machines in the engineering, food, mining and chemical industries. We are constantly developing and expanding our team of well trained and motivated employees.

Thanks to this we offer a wide range of services for the implementation of control systems, robotics and single-purpose machines. We work with visualization and SCADA systems of leading world and local manufacturers.

Overview of our services

  • Development, consultancy and implementation of industrial automation
  • Service, maintenance and revisions of industrial automation
  • Development and construction of single-purpose machines
  • EPLAN design wok
  • Production of switchboards

Values and corporate idea

Our core value is the security of your data and the reliability of your systems. We count on a team of highly qualified workers for customer satisfaction.

SELATO s.r.o.
Průmyslová automatizace
Havířská 3549
Havlíčkův Brod
580 01

Kontakt a web:

Ing. Petr Janů
+420 724 116 084

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