Packaging machines for the smart factory

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Variation is the key word

TechNikkels' credo is "fleximatization". By this, the machine builder of innovative packaging machines means flexible automation. The company develops and builds machines for feeding, filling and closing bottles, jars and cans as well as folding boxes. The partner for their automation tasks is Lenze.

New requirements in the age of digitalization

Henk Nikkels founded the company in 2003 and is now completely committed to service orientation. As Nikkels says, "Whereas the focus used to be primarily on building high-quality, flexible machines, today the aim is to get the maximum return from our machines. One of our goals is to build long-term relationships with our customers by proactively helping them optimize their production results."

Lenze as a partner for the digital push

"At Lenze, we also see this trend in the market," adds Marc Vissers, Marketing & Communication Manager Lenze EMEA West. "To avoid becoming a price warrior, you have to find a differentiator in the lifecycle of the machine. Since machine builders are often mechanically oriented, they don't have all the IT knowledge themselves to build something from scratch. This is where Lenze's solutions make a big contribution. We see that the visions and organizations of Lenze and TechNikkels fit together seamlessly, and we have different pilot projects running."

Using data: Plant availability & OEE

"It is indeed increasingly about getting more out of a packaging line. And Industry 4.0 and digitalization can support this," explains Thijs Krijgsman, Manager Sales & Services at TechNikkels. One example is the creation of dashboards to improve OEE - data can be used to further develop a machine. With Lenze's solution, the PLC takes on the role of gateway to the outside world - it's a true end-to-end solution.


"Our customers want dashboards that present information clearly. The machine data helps them analyze their production and they see exactly where there is room for improvement."

Thijs Krijgsman, Manager Sales & Services at TechNikkels.

Management of the installed base - a pilot project

Another topic that benefits from objective data is asset management. Here, Lenze offers a platform that provides a reliable overview of all machines. Machine status and fault management included. Henk Nikkels provides insights into the pilot project: "If you can track the installed base well, you can derive optimizations through the history of issues and incidents, for example. We are running a pilot project with Lenze, and developments are in full swing."


With Lenze, we have an automation partner at our side with whom we can also exploit the opportunities of digitisation. We have now carried out a whole series of projects together and are very satisfied." Henk Nikkels, Managing Director TechNikkels

Henk Nikkels, Managing Director TechNikkels

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