Retrofit of an extruder by Lenze Service

Retrofit extruder with modern servo and control technology

With scaled performance modules within a graduated service model, modernisations can be planned and carried out during the machine operating phase. At the snack manufacturer XOX in Hamelin, the heart of the snack production, an old extruder, experienced an update of the drive and control technology to modern servo and control technology from Lenze. A retrofit that ensures the availability of tried and tested machines beyond the end of their defined service life and therefore pays off in both functional and economic terms.

Well-established technology

There are many reasons why production equipment can really grow on you. For some, it is nostalgia and pride in the first major investment in the start-up phase; for others, it is quite pragmatic arguments of productivity and economic efficiency. It is not unusual for older machines to still run smoothly because the mechanics are so stable and indestructible. In addition, the operators and the machine have sometimes been perfectly attuned to each other for decades. Such an intensive bond also exists at XOX in Hamelin - namely between the first extruder purchased by the snack manufacturer in Lower Saxony and the employees in the production of peanut flips. "We just wanted to make the extruder really efficient again," says Edmund E. Besecke, owner and managing director of XOX. He didn't have to look far for a partner for this makeover. In Lenze, he had a specialist in the immediate vicinity for the retrofit of the machine.

With Lenze as a partner "around the corner", the snack manufacturer is in the fortunate situation of being able to obtain spare parts directly from the factory within a very short time, without having its own warehouse.

"We simply work well together in the Weserbergland region."

Edmund E. Besecke, owner and managing director of XOX

Detailed machine analysis and modernization from Lenze Service

In view of the extruder's importance in snack production, the decision was made to upgrade the entire drive and control technology to a modern standard - including intuitive operation with touch visualization - after the inventory and subsequent detailed analysis by Lenze Service GmbH.

After the initial inventory, Lenze Service drew up an extensive component list with corresponding axis representation as well as comprehensive availability information on the components. A virtual representation was generated from the hardware, which was enriched with important asset information from the Lenze database. Based on this, it led to a detailed machine analysis - with the aim, for example, of identifying potential energy savings, uncovering weak points or risks, and tapping valuable performance reserves. This also included examining electronic and electromechanical drive and control elements, paying particular attention to function-critical key components. The result was finally in a complete retrofit.

Jointly developed: Extruder-Retrofit for XOX from Lenze

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