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Together with FAN Separator GmbH - a subsidiary of the BAUER Group - we have successfully implemented a novel concept for separation technology. The so-called BRU concept (Bedding Recovery Unit) separates, dries and sanitizes undigested crude fiber from the slurry.

Initial situation

For farms with a high concentration of animals, the considerable accumulation of manure is a major problem. Especially for those farms with too many animals per unit area. Legal requirements additionally aggravate the situation. Conventional systems to treat manure are very time-consuming, labor-intensive and the investment costs are relatively high.

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About the Bauer Tubes and Pumps Company

It was Rudolf Bauer who first made efficient area fertilization possible in 1930 with the construction of the first high-pressure slurry pump. This was followed by more than 80 years of experience in slurry management. Proper slurry treatment, processing and spreading thus became Bauer expertise. This resulted in a development lead that continues to this day and has made Bauer the slurry management specialist and leading problem solver for all agricultural wastewater.

Solution approach

The task for Lenze was to mechanically enable the process for separation technology and to optimize it with tailored automation solutions. With the modernization and improvement of the user interface through the Lenze Panel Controller p500, the environmental technologist Bauer benefits from an easy-to-use and more comprehensive visualization.

If you ask the Bauer Group experts, which measured values of the system are of most interest to them and where you can talk about condition monitoring, the answer is: the torque of the press screw operator and the process temperature or the temperature distribution within the dryer drum.


When asked what challenges the machine task presented, Andreas Höchtl, Application Engineer at Lenze, recalls:

“Combining the automation technology with the process knowledge of separating and creating a solution from it was complex. In addition, it was important to think about uncomplicated service - worldwide - as early as in the planning phase for the modernization of the plant. Furthermore, robust and corrosion-resistant solutions for the ambient conditions were required, as the ammonia in the air

attacks the electronic components.”

- says our application engineer Andreas Höchtl

As a complete solution provider, Lenze was able to supply everything for this application from a single source: Starting with the software engineering, the creation of the visualization, the control cabinet construction up to the commissioning, the hardware planning was also realized on the Eplan P8 system.

The result

Customer benefits - Lower costs and reduced risk thanks to scalable hardware and outsourcing of software development, including visualization. 

End customer benefits - Decentralized production of hygienic bedding from recycled material. Low maintenance and servicing requirements for the plant.


“Lenze is a strong partner at our side, for our modern and highly automated concepts.”


- says Hans-Peter Hojas, Sales Support at Bauer Group

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