Rights management explained

Cooperation is one of the core principles of the X4 Cloud. This is why X4 Remote offers benefits for multiple people. In order to enable everybody that has access to your X4 Remote company to do what he or she does best, X4 has an extensive user management system. Through this user management system, you can give users access to the functions they need, to do their job.

What is rights management?

Rights management is a system you can use to determine what permissions a user will get and what devices this user will get to execute these permitted actions for. The infographic depicted below shows how our rights management system works. Our rights management system consists of three core elements. They are defined in the table below.

Element Definition
Roles A role is a selection of permissionsThere are admin and device permissions, and you can add access categories.
Access categories An access category is a selection of pages and services.


A group is a selection of devices and usersYou can divide groups in different group types.

The role of a user will determine what a user can do. This is partly regulated through permissions for our apps, and partly through permissions to use the pages and services in an access category. Groups put users and devices together. This determines the devices for which a user can execute his or her permissions. The infographic depicted below illustrates the relationships between users, devices and our rights management system.

How do I use the rights management?

You can customise the rights management system in your company. Follow the actions described below to fully customise your rights management system. 


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