Asset management

The Lenze solution for machine availability

Asset performance through asset management

Reliable overview of all machines

If a machine reports a trouble, there is only one goal: to rectify the problem
as quickly as possible and get the machine back into operation.
For this use case, Lenze shows new possibilities: Our asset management in combination with machine status and fault management reduces downtimes through speedy troubleshooting.

Our digital platform builds on existing standards, is supplemented with relevant information,
and is enhanced by ticket management. A genuine Lenze solution that can be easily integrated.

New business models for machine builders

With our asset management, you as OEM can establish your own digital platform with your customer - without your own development costs.
We offer you an open solution in which you can integrate further systems and processes.

Quick and easy optimization of service processes

Our asset management focuses on the machine with all the necessary information.
The machine structure is automatically transferred to asset management, and all relevant
data sheets, manuals and technical drawings are always available in the latest version -
even if they are not Lenze components. Information required for troubleshooting and repair
no longer has to be searched for at great expense, but is available immediately at any time.
In this way, downtimes are reliably reduced.

Ticket management ensures higher machine availability

  • Error ticket can be created manually or automatically by the machine
  • Via the dashboard, the service department has an overview of the status of all tickets
    and can prioritize them accordingly
  • The machine operator builds up his knowledge base via the archived tickets, which ensures greater efficiency in the case of recurring faults or in the event of personnel changes
  • Comprehensive solution, including connection to the cloud: the X4 Remote gateway
    enables remote access to the machine

With standards towards the digital twin 

Our solution was implemented with the Lenze Automation System. It contains our hardware, software, engineering and digital services. With existing standards for asset instance data such as OPC UA, Lenze is taking further steps towards the digital twin. The basis for this are our proven Lenze FAST software modules, which we have now developed into a framework: The information that appears in the portal is provided directly from the controller. The type data of the Lenze assets are displayed on our support page, and industry standards are used here as well. This lays the foundation to integrate asset administration shell formats (like the aasx file format).

Our services: Full service from a single source

We are ready: For feasible solutions for complex requirements. A high level of consistency is part of this, our approach is direct cloud-based communication between components and machine. For our customers, we always think one step ahead so that you can fully exploit the potential of the value chain.

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