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Clever handling of raw eggs

Within a very short time, Wim Kleijer's company grew into a global player - with solutions for the automated processing of eggs. Both for consumption and for hatching eggs. Kletec was founded in 2009 and has been operating internationally since 2014. Higher demands from different parts of the world meant that "we had to develop further", Kleijer explains. "We were looking for a technology supplier who could deliver a complete range, and that worldwide."

Standardising quality

Kletec is all about standardising quality.
"We use high-quality technologies and continue to develop our intelligent solutions. The goal is to go into mass production, so we look for high-quality products at competitive prices. We also want to guarantee service and support, so a reliable supplier is the be-all and end-all," the managing director is pleased to say. The processes in the machines are modular, so that a combination of further development and standardization is easily possible.

Safely stacked - thanks to linear drive

"When we first came into contact with Lenze, we quickly had a familiar feeling. At that time we developed a robot, of which more than two hundred are now running in practice." The latest machine developed can stack cartons of eggs in various patterns up to a height of two and a half metres. This machine has to move a lot of cartons, more than a thousand a day, each weighing twenty-five kilos. "Our customer really wanted to automate this because it is a heavy job that was previously only done manually. We took that first palletising robot further, and now we have a four-axis robot where the rotary head can rotate and stack in a pattern that ensures the stability of the pallet."

Turning innovations into standards

You can tell Kleijer is innovation-driven in driving his business forward.
"Our goal is to deliver 80% standard and 20% customer-driven, and in doing so we are constantly looking for innovations. Because we work in modules, we can constantly optimise the individual components. And so innovations grow into a new standard. In addition, we always have to be able to connect to the customer's standard components. And everything has to communicate with each other. So it's an advantage to be able to buy everything from a single source. Lenze has proven to be a strong partner. Not only in service, but also in the product range. You can look at the overall range as a kind of platform, where drive and control are coordinated and everything can talk to each other."

"Engineers talk to engineers, they understand what it's all about in just
a few words. As a company, we have really found ourselves
in high technology."

Wim Kleijer, Managing director of Kletec

The same language

In addition to the pure range of services, however, Kleijer is also happy to work with people.
"It is very nice to deal with people with a sound expertise who think along with us during development. We get quick support from 's Hertogenbosch. Our engineers talk to the Lenze engineers - and they speak the same language. The drives in particular really do have a consistently high quality, which I have not seen on the market like this before. Yes, the price/performance ratio is right. We are working together on innovative developments for the future."

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