Change your localization

The localization settings determine in which language X4 Remote is displayed and allows you to set a time zone for your account. To change these settings please follow the steps below.

  • Go to the X4 Remote, open the account menu in the top right corner, and select [My profile].
  • Go to Preferences and configure your preferred settings.
Setting Description
Language Changes the display language of X4 Remote.

Determines the date and time format and decimal separator used in the X4 Remote and Cloud Notify e-mails. (e.g. If localization is set to “English (United States)” the time format will be 12-hour, the date format will be MM/DD/YYYY and the decimal separator will be a decimal point.)

All events on the X4 Cloud are logged in UTC by default and will be translated to your timezone as configured in your account settings.

Time zone This will change the displayed time for events in the audit trail and for the time displayed in Cloud Notify e-mails.



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