You have already successfully completed the first semester of your degree programme. Are you now looking to put what you have learned into practice? Then you’re looking in the right place!

Gain some practical experience and learn about the processes and working life at Lenze. Discover opportunities for development as part of an internship, dissertation project or working student position.

Your internship at Lenze.

Preliminary or general internship

Some degree programmes require students to do a preliminary or general internship. You can do both of these with us. Work in our day-to-day operations on tasks relevant to your programme of study and gain an insight into what goes on at Lenze.

Advanced placements

Would you like to gain valuable experience during your studies that will make it much easier to get your career started later on? Then you should consider an internship at Lenze. Depending on what you are studying and length of the internship, you will quickly gain deep insights into our day-to-day business. You will usually have the opportunity to join in with specific projects.

What do you offer?

  • Enthusiasm for technology
  • Initiative
  • Above-average grades
  • A goal and results-oriented approach to work

Alongside your professional qualifications and competencies, we place a great deal of value on how well you fit in with us personally: When looking for new approaches you always question the status quo and develop new solutions.

Students at work.

Would you like to find out more about Lenze during the holidays or even in conjunction with your studies? We are looking forward to working with you!

We offer the opportunity for you to gain your first practical experience with us while you are studying. Fast, pragmatic and efficient. In the necessary breadth and detail. Take on exciting tasks and responsibility for smaller projects. You will also be able to make important contacts and start building a professional network. Apply for a position as a working student with us!

Writing your dissertation at Lenze.

Your dissertation is another good opportunity for getting to know the people at Lenze. Many of our new employees came to us in this way. Make your dissertation the beginning of something truly great! The wide variety of interesting areas within the business means we are able to offer plenty of opportunities for writing your dissertation.

Go here to view our vacancies or make a speculative application.

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