Remote Service in the Cloud made simple

Remote Service and Maintenance in the cloud made easy

Mechanical and plant engineering has its own particular challenges regarding digitalization . Customers are demanding increasingly flexible machines and at the same time more productivity. They want to be able to rely on the machines and to be able to react promptly to prevent potential machine failures and the resulting production downtime. This is precisely where X4 Remote – our solution for remote access and condition monitoring – comes in.

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Improve your service

With X4 Remote you are able to offer your customers more service and open up new sales opportunities.

With X4 Remote you are able to…

  • make your company fit for the future

  • provide remote maintenance

  • monitor your machines in real time

  • create high-quality data reports

  • analyse the data from your machines

Machine diagnosis is now possible from anywhere at all – allowing you to reduce the downtime of your machines and increase productivity.

A sustainable service portal for your digital services

X4 Remote

We believe in the simplicity of integrated solutions. With X4 Remote we have created such a solution. It integrates our X4 platform and our x500 IoT gateways so that customers can themselves put their plants and machinery in the cloud without requiring any specialist knowledge.

The video shows at a glance how easy it is to make your machines accessible online and to access data with X4 Platform. You can find more detailed information here X4 Academy videos on YouTube.

X4 Platform

With the cloud-based X4 Platform you have access to the data and the condition of your machines everywhere and via all internet-enabled devices. In a remarkably simple and secure way, you always have a complete overview and are automatically informed of critical conditions whenever necessary.

Ensure that your company is fit for the future by bringing together valuable information about your machines and systems at one central location. Provide remote maintenance, monitor your machines, set up alarm functions, and create meaningful dashboards showing the condition of your machine – all with just a few clicks. Using the portal of the X4 Platform, you can connect to the x500 gateways of your machines and store and analyse all the relevant machine data in the cloud.

X4 Platform Features

Remote Access via VPN

Carry out maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting as if you were on-site. Using a VPN connection, this can be done safely and reliably via your computer. Use the standard tools installed on your computer for diagnostics and error detection, as well as the configuration and programming of machine controls. You thus have the same possibilities as if you were directly at the site. Expensive visits by local technicians are no longer necessary.

Clientless access via the cloud

Using the cloud, it is also possible to access your machines via any internet-enabled device. With the help of the X4 Platform’s web portal optimised for mobile devices, this can easily be carried out using your smartphone or tablet.

Cloud logging

Thanks to cloud logging, the data from your machines is stored reliably by the X4 Platform in the cloud – even when there are interruptions to the internet connection. The stored data can be visualised directly in your internally generated dashboards and downloaded for evaluation via reports.

Cloud Notify

The X4 Platform notifies you – and you decide when! You are able to define the thresholds and exactly when the X4 Platform should send you a notification. You will then be warned if anything is not running as planned.

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