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Engineering services

The most efficient type of engineering

All of our services are freely scalable. You simply select the scope of services you require for your specific project. Our sales and application engineers are on hand at all times to provide you with individual product and application support. Whether you require support in selecting drive components or for the actual engineering, we can work together with you to develop the optimum solution for your machine's requirements.

As a reliable partner, we accompany and support you from the initial design phase of the machine, through development, all the way up to commissioning and complete project management. This approach not only saves you valuable engineering resources and costs, it also significantly reduces the load on your planning and design department.

For example, we can advise and support you in:

  • Planning your machine concept
  • Developing the automation topology, system integration and safety engineering
  • Planning and implementing software applications, all the way up to creating circuit diagrams and networks
  • Creating prototypes
  • Commissioning and optimizing the automation and drive concept in your machine
  • Training the operating personnel
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