i-series motec

The new decentralized frequency inverter generation

With digital functions for the smart factory

With i550 motec you create your digital future and ensure transparent processes.

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The efficient sensor in your system:

  • Collects data in real time in a standardized form so that it can be read and used by a higher-level system.
  • No additional hardware costs thanks to IO-Link master functionality: Boosts plant availability.
  • Even before commissioning: The digital nameplate allows key product data to be viewed at any time.

Helps achieve your economic targets

Numerous integrated functions and consistently high ease of handling pave the way to economic success.

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Integrated functions that pay off:

  • Scalable safety levels fulfill comprehensive requirements.
  • Integrated positioning opens up servo functions
  • It couldn't be faster or easier: the very latest M12 push-pull connectors for maximum time savings.
  • Sensorless control of synchronous motors – a competitive advantage for your processes.

The energy-efficient inverter for a green future

Energy-efficient through and through: motec is a huge step toward your goal of achieving climate neutrality.

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Anyone who thinks of the future needs to consider energy efficiency as well:

  • The integrated regenerative module automatically feeds regenerative energy back into the system – without additional hardware costs and without loss due to braking resistors.
  • The Lenze trio consisting of motec, our m550 motor, and the g500 gearbox keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum!
  • The EASY System Designer provides optimal system design, avoids overdimensioning, and enables energy savings of up to 30%.

Discover the numerous features of i-series motec

Flexible applications, powerful implementation

i-series motec

For a wide range of decentralized applications

Conveyor technology

Whether for conveying, lifting, or rotating pallets – motec is precisely tailored to the conveyor technology, making it a reliable choice for intralogistics.


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Airport logistics

The new motec can handle nearly any drive task in the airport sector. It delivers maximum performance, particularly at high speeds.


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Pumps, blowers, and compressors

motec guarantees a continuous and energy-efficient drive for pass through or highly dynamic pumps, fans, and compressors.


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The drive package for maximum efficiency

The frequency inverter range consisting of decentralized and control cabinet units harmonizes perfectly with our m500 motors and g500 gearboxes. All inverters can be combined easily and flexibly. As a trio, they ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency.

m500 motors

Our m500 series of motors covers the power range from 0.12 to 22 kW. It achieves highly favorable efficiency values, especially in the partial load operational range. With the scalable modular system, our motors can be flexibly adapted to individual machine requirements.



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g500 gearboxes

Our compact g500 gearboxes are particularly efficient and precise in their respective applications and suitable for universal use thanks to numerous options for the input and output ends. Fine torque increments from 45 Nm to 20,000 Nm ensure optimum drive dimensioning.



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