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CAD drawings for Lenze components

CAD drawings for the latest Lenze product portfolio are available in the EASY Product Finder - CAD web service

CAD drawings for the Lenze Smart Products are available in this AKB article

CAD drawings for ACTech components

Inverter Drives SMV NEMA4X (IP65):

1/2-30 HP | 0.37-22 kW | Enclosed
1/2-30 HP | 0.37-22 kW | Enclosed with Integral Disconnect

Inverter Drives SMV NEMA1 (IP31):

1/3-30 HP | 0.25-22 kW | Enclosed
40-60 HP | 30-45 kW | Enclosed

Inverter Drives SM-SF-SL-TF:

1/3-30 HP | 0.25-22 kW
5-30 HP | 3.72-22 kW

EPLAN macros

You can find the EPLAN macros by entering the material number on the support page.

Device descriptions


Logo Library

Additonal device descriptions are available in the Application Knowledge Base

M-n curves

M-n curves are available in the EASY Product Finder - m-n curves web service

Certificates and declarations

Certificates and declarations are available in the product-related documentation

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