Lenze Americas Offers Decentralized Horizontal Conveying Solution

UXBRIDGE, MA, November 21, 2018 - Lenze Americas, a global leader and manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technologies, is offering a decentralized horizontal conveying solution that provides a reduction in time and effort required for dimensioning, design layout, and installation of a system. The solution features Lenze's Smart Motor with g350 gearbox, and Lenze's Smart Motor with a g500 gearbox, in-cabinet c300 controller, I/O 1000 modules, remote fieldbus I/O and IR sensors. Lenze's Smart Motor with g500 gearbox or g350 gearbox offers the simplicity of a motor direct on line - with just the right features of an electronically controlled motor. They work without a contactor or starter; fixed speeds can be set at will; highest energy efficiency requirements are met; and they can be conveniently operated via a smart phone.

Lenze's new solution addresses current challenges relating to drive technology for horizontal conveying. "There is a current trend in the market toward defined start and stop ramps in order to improve the performance of conveying applications. There's also a need to develop energy efficient solution that fulfill upcoming energy regulations from a technical perspective," according to Chris Moskaites, electromechanical product manager at Lenze Americas. In addition, companies are challenged to reduce the time and effort required for dimensioning, design layout and installation, as an answer to increasingly shorter project timer. Finally, there is a demand for standardization and reduction of complexity, so that even large numbers of drives can be handled with little effort. "Our specialized mechatronic solution for horizontal conveying -the Lenze Smart Motor- tackles all these current challenges," said Moskaites.

The Lenze Smart Motor offers a 4 times starting torque which enables the customer to achieve optimal dimensioning of the motor according to the torque requirement of the application. The attached electronic allows the configuration of 5 fixed speeds making it possible to have one motor gearbox combination with different shaft speeds. Combined with the 4 times starting torque this results in a standardization and reduction of numbers our customers' needs to deal with by up to 80%.

Customer benefits are that the fixed speed of the Lenze Smart Motor can be selected through digital I/Os; and only the connection to the already-installed decentralized signal collectors for the photo sensors is necessary, making the system basically fieldbus independent.

This is a large competitive benefit for the machine builder. They can standardize the cabinets as the components inside the cabinet will remain the same, no matter how many conveyors are connected to the line. In case an additional conveyor segment is required, the machine builder can add it easily through our distributed power bus concept, and only needs to tell the PLC that an additional segment is existing. Due to the electronics added to the motor the cabinet size can be drastically reduced as thermal protection and drive control are already included. And last but not least - if the customer needs to change the speed of the Smart motor on site, this is also no problem - it can be done by smart phone via NFC.

The entire conveyor concept offers cost reduction by using a smaller cabinet, less cable, less engineering time, less manufacturing time, fewer part numbers, and less operational costs.

"We are delighted to provide OEMs with a new way for their machines to do more - with lower cost and in less time," said Moskaites. "The decentralized conveyor solution fulfills many of the current challenges related to drive technology for horizontal conveying - and we are eager to begin providing it to machine builders across the Americas."

Learn more about conveying with the Lenze Smart Motor by watching the video here.

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