NUPANO Open Automation Platform

Digitize your machines and open new business horizons

The intelligent NUPANO Open Automation Platform enables the integration, management and protection of innovative technological applications that are  tailored to your machines.

This keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

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NUPANO – Meets upcoming industry challenges and enables future technology

Industry plays a key role in the fight against climate change. To protect the climate and safeguard your own competitiveness, we are facing the challenges like reducing CO2 emissions.

At the same time, the pressure to develop products, processes and solutions that make energy-efficient and resource-conserving production possible is growing. NUPANO is THE enabling technology to equip (series) machines individually with applications to overcome those challenges.


Increase machine


Drive continuous


Generate new
revenue streams


sustainability targets

Harness the innovation potential of IT at machine level

Meet Robin, Engineering Manager for a machine building company!

Robin believes the key to success lies in leveraging the innovation potential of information technology at machine and plant level.

He is thinking about adding innovative digital solutions to his excellent machines.



Because in the future, differentiation from competition will mainly be achieved through digital services, which will be just as valuable as the machine itself.

Find out how he should approach this challenge for his series machines!

Boost your machine performance with NUPANO

NUPANO – Developed to sustainably unite OT and IT

NUPANO offers the mechanical engineering industry room for digital innovation. Implement digital business models at the machine level easily.

Productive development processes

Especially in the development phase of machines, it is crucial that IT and OT harmonize perfectly. NUPANO efficiently combines both technologies and makes collaboration much easier for all parties involved. The platform offers intelligent sharing functions for testing and validation purposes, provides access to publicly available applications and, above all, to your own machine-specific applications. 

Tailor-made applications

The intelligent NUPANO platform enables the integration, management and protection of innovative technological applications that are precisely tailored to your machines. This keeps you one step ahead of the competition – because private apps are the only way to gain a competitive advantage. 

Full transparency in the field

With NUPANO, you maintain an overview of the status of your machine software at all times – whether for one machine or 500. 

Easy integration of existing IT technologies

NUPANO is based on established IT interfaces. This means for you: Your technology applications can be easily programmed on common standards, tested as needed and then effortlessly transferred to our Open Automation Platform. Furthermore, you can use it to access 100,000+ programs on Docker Hub, for example. This saves you time and money! 

Become part of the innovation journey!

Leverage the open platform to develop software for the machine building industry faster and more easily and let our customers to benefit from innovative applications that boost their business.

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