Enforce Two Factor Authentication

You can enforce two-factor authentication for users as part of our rights management system. Enforced two-factor authentication is part of the permissions in the role of a user. You can enforce two-factor authentication for every role in your company. You cannot enforce two-factor authentication for individual users. Two-factor authentication will not be enforced for users that sign up via Single Sign On (SSO). You can enforce two-factor authentication with the respective SSO provider.

Two-factor authentication is an additional security step that’s designed to help strengthen your account and prevent others from accessing your account. Two-factor authentication requires you to verify your identity not only with your e-mail address and password, but also by generating a so-called one-time password.

Enable two-factor authentication

You need to have two-factor authentication enabled yourself to be able to enforce it. You also need permission to change roles.

Please follow the steps described below to enforce two-factor authentication for an existing role. You can also enforce two-factor authentication when creating a new role.

  • Go to the Admin which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu, go to roles, then click on [Edit].
  • Click on Enforce two-factor authentication, then click on [confirm].

Two-factor authentication enforced

You have now enforced two-factor authentication for all users in this role.

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