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Exactly what you need for your packaging machine.

Our Software

We work closely together with you to find the best solution for every machine task. You can rest assured that the solution will include easy-to-use software engineering, open standards, and the right drive design. Modularisation is an effective way of reducing engineering time spent on the development of flexible machines. Standardised modules are easy to re-use, they reduce testing time and error rates, and they leave more time for working on the special machine features that are important to your customers.

How we make it easy for you to modularise your machine:

  • Our Application Software Toolbox Lenze FAST makes it very easy to develop and structure a modular machine control.
  • The individual machine modules can be optimally equipped with finely scalable drive and control technology from our programme of combinable modules.
  • Open, non-proprietary standards and modern communication interfaces ensure that the technical coordination is synchronised, both vertically and horizontally.
  • The "optional participants" function gives you the option of adding or removing modules and bus participants. This means you can ensure that the mechanics, electronics and software are really consistent with each other, and you can greatly reduce your time to market.
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