The i700 cabinet servo inverter is suitable for dynamic motion control and multi-axis applications. The interconnected system of single or double axis devices, in combination with the appropriate supplier and our controllers, is the right choice for automation applications.

Our controllers, such as the c520, can be used to conveniently solve almost all control tasks for coordinated movement of multiple axes with high dynamics. Thus, modern and modular machine controls can be implemented based on our software modules..

The i950 cabinet servo inverter can be used as a power extension of the i700 cabinet servo inverter in the range from 22 to 110 kW.


  • Integrated DC-bus connection
  • Small overall width from 50 mm for the double axis
  • Axis modules capable of multiple overloads for peak output currents between 5 and 64 A, double axes up to 32 A
  • Autotuning function for quick and easy controller adjustment
  • "Safe Torque Off (STO)" safety function

Technical data and features (axis modules)

Technical data
Single axis: 0.75 ... 15 kW
Double axis: 0.75 ... 7.5 kW
DC supply range: 260 ... 775 V
(central mains connection via supply modules)
2x digital input
Holding brake control
Motor temperature monitoring
Resolver/multi-encoder input for feedback (motor)

Technical data and features (supply modules)

Technical data
Output voltage: DC
Rated DC-bus current: 30 A and 60 A
3 AC 230 V
3 AC 400 V
3 AC 480 V
Brake resistor
3 x digital input (permanently assigned)
2 x digital output (permanently assigned)

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