Qual è la situazione attuale? Analisi Lenze

Studiamo la vostra macchina accuratamente. La vostra conoscenza della macchina è approfondita. . Giorno dopo giorno, la studieremo insieme creando i presupposti per applicare le migliori soluzioni possibili.

Insieme possiamo valutare le potenzialità di risparmio energetico, rilevare i punti deboli o i rischi e identificare preziose riserve di potenza. Una cosa è certa: La La vostra macchina è in ottime mani con Lenze.

Come procediamo:

  • Ispezioniamo degli elementi di azionamento e controllo elettrici ed elettromeccanici, con particolare attenzione ai componenti chiave, che rappresentano un aspetto cruciale per il corretto funzionamento
  • Verifica del dimensionamento e della relativa efficienza energetica
  • Identificazione dei componenti della macchina esistente

Inventory taking

Recording and documentation of components, such as the controllers, inverters, gearboxes, motors

The first step of the inspection is to take an inventory. We gain an overview for you, showing which drive components are installed where and what opportunities there are for procuring replacement parts.

Your advantages:

  • Detailed overview of the drive technology installed
  • Process of procuring replacement parts is simplified
  • Faster response time when servicing is required
  • Lower costs and less unscheduled downtime
  • Sound basis for customized, further-reaching service concepts, e.g. a machine analysis
  • Overview of necessary adaptations to currently available products
  • Overview of delivery capacity of the installed Lenze drive components as well as successor products

How we do this:

  • Qualified stocktaking of all technical drive components by our Lenze qualified personnel
    • Compilation of a detailed list of components for the drive technology installed
  • Read-out of parameters
  • Read-out of error memory
  • Image documentation
  • On-site visual assessment and status classification by a Lenze Service team
  • Delivery of all relevant data in digital form
  • Optional: recommendation of maintenance cycles
  • Creation of an emergency/stockpiling plan

Machine analysis

Determination and evaluation of the condition of the installed components

Our Lenze experts offer you a profound insight into the current status of your system and a medium-term outlook. This provides an excellent starting point for taking preventative action to prevent standstills and can significantly improve the level of responsiveness in the event of an emergency.

Your advantages:

  • Clear information throughout the current status of the drive technology installed
  • Analysis of the risks and weak points relating to:
    • the availability of the system
    • the factor influencing costs in the system
  • Optional: recommended actions to reduce downtimes
  • Performance reserves highlighted
  • Reduced variants in the product range lead to improved responsiveness in the event of a standstilll
  • Optimize or extend the life cycle of the machine

How we do this:

  • Status monitoring of the drive and automation components installed
  • Data backup for all the Lenze drive systems installed, to make sure they are up and running again as quickly as possible after downtime
  • Identification and analysis of errors; recommendations for remedial action
  • Detailed system report including analysis results
    • Interpretation of results
    • Preventative measures
    • Recommended actions
  • Checking and updating of the existing stocks
  • Free disposal of redundant drives
Machine analysis in detail

A Control cabinet

  • Program and data backup
  • Reading the operating hours and recording the power-on time
  • Read-out and analysis of the error memory
  • Thermal imaging of the control cabinet

B Gearboxes
Analysis of the state of wear including:

  • Visual inspection of the electromechanics
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Thermal imaging of the gearbox
  • Brake diagnosis (state of wear)
  • Oil analysis to assess the progression of the wear

C Motors

  • Critical drive components identified; stocks and availability checked
  • State of wear assessed by means of visual inspections and measurements
  • Analysis of electro-technology and Electromechanics

Complete overview

  • Database provided and comprehensive report prepared along with recommendations for action to be taken
  • Axis documentation inspected; operating instructions supplemented or updated where necessary
  • Installation conditions documented with photographic material
  • Thermal imaging used to analyze weak points or overloading
  • Thermal imaging report from the control cabinet to the gearbox
  • Service concept derived for the system operator
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