NTP Server

Supported hardware and firmwareNTP server functionality is supported on the x500 in firmware 3.6 and up. Please upgrade your firmware if you are running an older version.

The x500 runs a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, which automatically and periodically syncs its own time with X4 Remote.

The Real Time Clock and NTP server built into the x500 allows the entire machine line connected to the x500 to sync their time, preventing time drift. This guarantees identical internal clocks.

Time zone

NTP does not acknowledge time zones. Instead, it manages all time information based on UTC. To convert UTC to local time, you’ll need to apply the local time zone in the machine itself.

How can I use the NTP server?

Follow these steps to have your machine utilize the x500’s NTP server:

  • Enter the x500’s LAN IP address in the NTP settings of your machine.
  • If possible, apply the correct time zone in your machine’s time settings.

Time sync

The time in your machine will now always be in sync.


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