LAN to WAN: Allow access to corporate network/internet

The WAN (corporate network) and LAN (machine network) side of the x500 are separated by the internal firewall. However, you can change the LAN to WAN access rules.

You can allow access to the internet, for example when you are on-site and need to look up manuals or a PLC needs to send e-mails. You can also allow access to the corporate network, for example when a PLC needs to store data on a local FTP server.

The next steps show you how to set these access rules.

  • Open the Fleet Manager, which is accessible via the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Go to Devices in the left menu and select the concerning device.
  • Go to Network in the left menu and select the [Firewall] subcategory.
  • Go to the LAN WAN section and toggle the desired option (details below).
Option Description
Allow access to corporate network All incoming LAN traffic with the corporate network as destination (i.e. any private IP address other than the x500’s LAN) will be allowed through the firewall.
Allow access to internet All incoming LAN traffic with the internet as destination (i.e. any public IP address) will be allowed through the firewall.

You do not need to turn on “access to corporate network” for internet access to work.

You have now made the changes in X4 Remote, but these are not yet active in your device. You will need to push your changes to your device for them to take effect.

  • Open [Config control] in the top right corner, verify the changes you’ve made, and click on [Push changes].

WiFi hotspotIf your x500 supports Wi-Fi, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can wirelessly access the internet from you mobile phone or laptop.


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