The o450 analog motor driven roller with 24 V or 48 V connection is a real pacemaker for your application and accelerates up to a rated speed of 1.5 m/s with a rated torque of 1.35 Nm. The innovative permanent magnet motor represents a new type of drive concept. It can be used to successfully implement roller conveyors, accumulating roller conveyors, and dynamic sorters.


  • The very high efficiency minimizes energy costs
  • External rotor - based on the Vernier principle - ensures a low-noise transport of loads
  • Brushless permanent magnet motor with high performance ensures significantly faster goods transportation
  • Few variants and tube lengths from 345 ... 1500 mm allow direct integration into the conveyor line
  • They can be integrated into the system using standard plug & play control units

Technical data

Rated torque

1.35 Nm

Max. torque

5.0 Nm

Rated speed

1.5 m/s

Max. speed

3.0 m/s

Tube diameter

50 mm

Tube installation lengths

345 ... 1500 mm

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