Drives for HVAC-R applications

Industrial refrigeration, heat and air handling equipment

Classic industrial refrigeration & air conditioning, temperature controllers, pump technology, blowers, side channel blowers, dust extraction, vacuum pumps, compressed-air compressors and numerous applications for industrial or commercial installations – each of these fields places individual demands on the overall technical solution.

In this context, the requirements on inverter manufacturers are very similar: wide range of variants, compact dimensions, best possible energy efficiency, good functionality and at the same time easy handling for all user groups at a competitive price.

Lenze offers a wide range of inverters for these various applications in HVAC-R technology, including central control cabinet devices and field mounted inverters with a high degree of protection, optionally available as wall or motor-mounted devices. Together with the corresponding application know-how, Lenze satisfies the requirements listed below and creates convincing results.


High functionality:

  • Integrated process controller
  • Asynchronous or synchronous motor control
  • Broad selection of all common fieldbus systems for easy integration
  • Integrated EMC filter (C2) and 30 mA RCD operation
  • And a lot more


Energy efficiency

Lenze inverters achieve the lowest energy losses in an industry-wide comparison. This improves the increasingly important overall efficiency, simplifies cooling in the control cabinet and ensures the necessary planning reliability in view of the constantly rising demands in the Ecodesign Directive.

Easiest handling

A number of small details in the device make it easier to handle and greatly reduce the installation, commissioning and service work. This includes deenergised parameterization, easy menu navigation and practical default settings, pluggable terminals, memory chips, etc.

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