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VAT number: CHE-109.283.313

About us

Lenze Swiss AG is a state-of-the-art engineering company developing and producing frequency inverters, servo drives and power electronics for automotive and industrial applications. We are a full subsidiary of the Lenze SE since 2006 - get more information about the Lenze-Group.

Who we are

  • about 70 employees in total
  • about 50 engineers with the following degrees:
    • typo3/ETH (Master degree)
    • FH (Bachelor degree)
    • TS (Technicians)

What we offer

  • Concepts - for industrial and automotive projects engineering - from system engineering to power electronics
  • Product supply - from low volume customer specific products to high volume standard products - for our own and for customer products
  • System integration - from components to complete system.

Tradition and innovation in one

For around a quarter of a century, we have focussed on the development of technology that is energy-efficient and therefore causes less harm to the environment - an extremely creative activity that requires a flair for experimentation with and investigation of new technologies.

It can be taken for granted that we know what we are doing. Our engineers are specialists in areas such as power electronics, open-loop and closed-loop control systems, microcontrollers and DSP technology as well as data communication, sensor systems and SW engineering.

"Design for Manufacturing" and "Design for Testability" are not just empty words for us; they have a definite practical meaning. Our know-how and our excellent network of relationships with other external experts are warranties for quality and outstanding solutions. We are also, of course, highly skilled in the application of modern industrial methods of manufacture.

In this respect, we rely on - among others - Lenze, our parent company, which operates production facilities that are available to us all over the world. We possess comprehensive expertise in all the necessary design-to-market processes - from the first idea to a product that is ready to be produced in series. All these stages, of course, have been certified in accordance with the process model of ISO 9001.

Innovation with a global network

Since 2006, Lenze Swiss AG has been a part of the Lenze Group - a global specialist in drive and automation solutions.

With around 4,000 employees and several R&D centres and production facilities distributed around the world, the Lenze Group is a dynamic player in the global market. You, as a customer of Lenze Swiss AG, can also directly profit from its know-how.



  • Founding year of Schmidhauser AG by Rolf Schmidhauser.
  • Number of employees at that time: 4 employees


  • Development and licensing of standard frequency converters for electrical drives


  • First project for Lenze: 8200 inverter, power hardware 0.37 - 2.2 kW.
  • With more than 1 million units sold, the inverter 8200 is one of the most successful products of the Lenze company.


  • Introduction of digital signal processors (DSP) in the control technology for customer projects and servo control with various customer solutions for industrial drives.


  • Engineering of electrical equipment of various electric vehicles and hybrid buses.
  • Start-up building expertise in "Mobile Drives".


  • Relocation to the new company building in Romanshorn.


  • System and product engineering in hybrid drive technology for commercial vehicles.


  • After many years of successful cooperation Lenze takes over Schmidhauser AG.


  • Long-term development contract with Voith Turbo GmbH + Co. KG for the supply of traction inverters for hybrid buses.
  • Expansion into production of inverters for "Mobile Drives" applications.


  • Start of series production of decentralized drives.


  • Move into extended office and workspace with more then 3,300 m2new space. Extension competence centre frequency inverters for Lenze SE.
  • Market launch of MOBILE - the modular system for controlling auxiliary unit functions in commercial vehicles.


  • Start of MOBILE series production, including E1 approval and certification by the Federal Motor Transport Authority
  • 2000 MOBILE units are in use worldwide


  • More than 10,000 MOBILE units are in use worldwide


  • Sale of the "Mobile Drives" business segment - Press release
  • Change of company name from Schmidhauser AG to Lenze Swiss AG

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