On the way to industry 4.0 with the digital twin

At SPS Connect, Lenze will show how machine builders can make profitable use of the digital twin

A digital image of a physical "device", that is the digital twin. And it is precisely this twin that makes Industry 4.0, i.e. the intelligent networking of machines, possible. The digital twin contains all relevant data of the machine, including descriptions of the mechanical-electrical properties, documentation and certificates, software and behavioral description.

This information pool must follow standards in order to ensure smooth communication, even across manufacturers. However, this gives rise to a number of questions for the machine manufacturer: Which standards can I no longer avoid? And: What concrete steps can and must I take to remain competitive?

These questions and more are answered by Patrick Bruder, Business Development Manager Automation at Lenze, in his presentation on 24 November at 15:40, at SPS Connect.

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