…and the winner is: i550 protec

Lenze's i550 protec is Product of the Year 2021! The decentralized variant from the i500 inverter family achieved 1st place in the readers voting by German trade magazine "Computer&Automation" (C&A) in the drive technology category.

C&A publishes more than 500 product press releases annually. From this pool, the editorial team selected 96 products in 12 categories and put them to the readers' vote for the 'Products of the Year 2021'. Over 6,100 participants cast almost 50,000 votes.

The i550 protec is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments: its IP66 and NEMA 4X Outdoor & Indoor protection class ensure maximum protection against adverse environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, dust, dirt or water jets during cleaning work.

It is the first decentralized frequency inverter with IO-Link, making all the advantages of this communication system available outside the control cabinet: the sensors and actuators distributed in the applications can be easily integrated into the higher control level in order to exchange process, asset and parameterization data. And all this without expensive special cables or the need to manually enter the participants.

If an IO-Link master is already in use in a network, the new i550 protec can be connected at the same time - regardless of the higher-level controller. The devices are parameterized automatically in the course of series commissioning or as part of a device replacement during servicing. Lenze is the first drive manufacturer to master the V1.1 standard required for this automatic data exchange.

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