Manage a user’s access

Carefully considering a user’s access is important to maintain a clear, secure, and shielded environment when having users from different departments, teams, or organizations in your X4 Remote company.

You can manage a user’s access by managing their role(s) and group(s). Every user can have one or multiple roles and be part of one or multiple groups. You can change the roles and groups of users as many times as you like.

Manage a user's access

Please follow the steps below to change the access of a user:

  • Open the Portal app, which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu , go to Users, and select the concerning user.
  • Edit the user and change the user’s existing access level (details below).
Field Description

Each role is a combination of permissions and thus determines what a user can and cannot do.

You can manage roles here.


The user will have access to all devices in this group and the selected role is limited to this group.

Only applicable if the role is not a company-wide role.
You can manage groups here.

Add company-wide You can assign the user to a company-wide role using this button. A user can be part of only one company-wide role at the same time.
Add group-specific You can assign the user to a group-specific role using this button. It is possible to be assigned to multiple group specific roles at once.
  • Click [Confirm]


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