So what's new …?

In Germany we also refer to Industry 4.0 as the fourth Industrial Revolution. In essence, it is about producing goods with improved flexibility, speed and efficiency through the use of modern information and communication technology. 

Aspects to which Lenze has been committed for many years. As such, we do not regard Industry 4.0 as a real revolution, but as a linchpin for technological development that will bring us a wealth of opportunities.

1. The world needs modern automation

The steadily growing world population, a global trend towards the individualisation of demand, the need for careful stewarding of resources and other trends will continue to fan the flame for automation. The creative possibilities promoted under the aegis of Industry 4.0 are legion.

"Industry 4.0 in all its many aspects can only succeed if everyone concerned - end users, machine builders, technology providers and the scientific world - pull together."

Martijn Theunissen
Global Head of Application & Support

2. Batch size 1 will become the new standard, at no extra cost and without compromising on quality

And there lies the crux of the matter. Machine builders can only succeed and benefit from the positive trend if they adapt accordingly. 

"Smart technical systems make batch size 1 economically feasible."

Dipl.-Ing Frank Maier
Executive Board Lenze SE

3. Software expertise in engineering is a crucial issue

Customising products and flexing production is achieved through modularised hardware and software engineering. Expertise that the engineering sector lacks in sufficient quantity.

"High-quality adaptive software will become a key driver of innovation and engineering productivity."

Dr. Armin Walter
Director Lenze Engineering

4. Cooperation skills as new core competence

The engineering sector has always been characterised by a high degree of customer centricity and translating customer needs into technical solutions. Industry 4.0 brings new aspects and possibilites to the familiar world of engineering, generating new opportunities. Those who respond by cooperating quicker and deepending integration with partners will beat the competition.

"We focus on offering productivity, reliability, and security for the machine's entire service life."

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Wendler
Chairman of the Executive Board Lenze SE

5. We will make it together

Technology partners like Lenze are members of the innovative community, in the engineering sector. With our teams around the world we automatise more that 1,000 innovative machine concepts every year and alongside our customers set new benchmarks in the industry.

"Lenze - We are the people who are setting Industry 4.0 in motion."

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Wendler
Chairman Executive Board Lenze SE

Actions speak louder than words. If you liked to gain first-hand experience of our solutions to the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 then you are very welcome to join us at a trade fair near you: trade fair calendar.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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